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key blocks

The key-block is one of the first push button made by AWP. It is easy, sturdy and offers with his measurements 50 mm height, 34 mm width and 33 mm depth a satisfactory size. Normally the key-block has a key with 24 mm with which the user can operate up to three gas springs at the same time. Through his rectangular format you can join several keys at a central place. To whom the 24 mm key is too small have the possibility to use our bigger keys with 64 x 44 mm and 64 x 64 mm. The key-block can also be equipped with different colours. 200 plastic colours are available for the key and the casing. You get colour samples after a click on the right pictures. By the robustness the key-block can take up a rope tractive power of 1500 gramme after deduction of the security. The lengths of the ropes are normally available from 250 mm to 1500 mm in steps of 250 mm. Of course, special lengths are also possible. The gear ratio of the key-block is 1:1 as by almost all of our push buttons. With his rope tractive power of 1500 gramme the key-block is one of the strongest of our push button family.


To the overview of the possible combinati-ons click on the following pictures



Example one gas spring
Example two gas spring
Example three gas spring